Stuttgart (2016-2018): Project Manager PSE Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg

From September 2016 until October 2018, I worked at the Professional School of Education Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg as project manager in the BMBF-funded project “Lehrerbildung PLUS”. The PSE Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg is a common effort of 5 participating universities in the Stuttgart area to improve the education of teachers by combining the respective strenghts of the five partners. The PSE coordinates common tasks and projects, facilitates scientific exchange and strives to develop common ideas and impulses for further development of the teacher education. My tasks were mainly in the area of project management, including the coordination of tasks and ressources, reporting and the project milestones within the project and in collaboration with the funding agency. I was a member of the team “Communication and Information” and therefore also participated in tasks in the area of public relations.

Tübingen (2013-2016): Project Manager CLARIN-D

From December 2013 until October 2016, I worked in the CLARIN-D project as project manager. CLARIN-D is provides a research infrastructure for Humanities and Social Science Scholars and is a member of the CLARIN ERIC. In Germany, there are 9 CLARIN centers forming the consortium. This consortium is coordinated by the Tübingen Management Team. Within this team, my responsibilities was in the coordination of and contribution to research proposals and reports, the financial planning of the overall project and the Tübingen center, staff planning of the Tübingen center (including reviewing of job applications) and the organization of meetings and events both within the project and towards the general (scientific) public (such as TLT 13 or Forum CA^3 2016). Furthermore, I also provided the administrative support for the CLARIN ERIC National Coordinators’ Forum until April 2016.

Groningen (2011 - 2013): Assistant Professor/Coordinator GELC

After finishig my PhD in 2011, I continued to work at the University of Groningen as Assistant Professor. My main task was being the coordinator of the Groningen Center of Expertise for Language and Communication Disorders (GELC). In this function, I was working on the administration of various projects within this center. I was also involved in writing research proposals that fell under the umbrella of the GELC. Other tasks included the organization of events, an international conference (Science of Aphasia 2012), guest-editorship of a Dutch open access journal (Stem-, Spraak-, Taalpathologie) for the conference proceedings and supervision of a PhD candidate as well as assistance in the supervision of other PhD candidates and research assistants. I was also the web-coordinator for our research institute, the Center for Language and Cognition.

Groningen (2010 - 2011): PhD Council Chair

During my time as PhD candidate at the University of Groningen, I was one of the initiators and co-founders of the PhD Council of the Faculty of Arts/Graduate School of Humanities. The PhD Council was founded in 2010 and I was its first chair from Januart 2010 til February 2011. Our main objective at that time was to voice the opininon of the PhD candidates during the establishment of a new Graduate School. At the same time, I also represented the PhD candidates in the advisory board of our research institute (CLCG).

Groningen (2009): Co-organizer TABU Dag

In 2009, I was co-organizer of a local conference, TABU Dag, which celebrated it 30th anniversary that year. As organizing committee, we therefore decided to extend duration to two full days (rather than one) and open it to interested presenters and participants from outside our own institute. The conference was a big success with a larger number of participants (174 participants from 19 countries) than ever before and four well-known invited speakers (Jack Chambers, Ken Church, Marianne Gullberg, Matthias Schlesewsky).

Groningen (2007-2013): Webcoordinator

During my time in Groningen, I was responsible for the website of the Neurolinguistics research group.