I finished my PhD in Neurolinguistics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in December 2011. In my PhD research I investigated the influence of speech reading on comprehension. I mainly studied aphasic comprehension, but also included an ERP study regarding audiovisual comprehension in non-brain-damaged listeners.

You can find more information about my PhD research under ‘PhD Project’.

After finishing my PhD, I have worked at the University of Groningen as Assistant Professor. In this function I was the manager of the Groningen Center of Expertise for Language and Communication Disorders. Within this center, I was involved in the setting up of various research projects (regarding dyslexia, deaf-blindness, aphasia and more). My main focus was, however, on the development and implementation of language tests on the iPad. Furthermore, I was involved in the supervision of a PhD candidate, Seçkin Arslan, working on the psycholinguistic assessment of evidentiality in bilingual speakers of Turkish and Dutch.

Besides my work on the multimodality of speech comprehension (especially in aphasia) I am also generally interested in psycho- and neurolinguistic research on language comprehension, aphasia and the remediation of aphasia (see also my ‘diploma thesis’) . Another key interest of mine regards experimental methods and the setting up of experiments, both online and offline. My experience with online methods mainly concerns ERP recordings and analysis, though I am also interested in other imaging techniques.

You can find a list of my publications here.